Why Katie's?


A lot of people ask me why my spa is called Katie's, and to answer that question I have decided to share this personal story and journey with you.

The first time I met Katie, she came into my place of business with her Mom, Dad and sister Sara.  I felt this amazing bond of love and faith that they had between them. Katie was the kind of person who always had a smile to give and was always willing to listen. This didn't change even when she was in so much pain due to her illness.

I will never forget the day when she was about to lose her hair. I remember standing behind her thinking to myself, "Here's this beautiful girl with long blonde hair, and I'm the person who has to take that away from her." She turned around to face me, touched my hand, and said to me, "It's okay." Katie was more concerned about me than she was about herself.

Because of the experience I had with Katie, I wanted to wake up the next day and be a better person. In my heart I felt blessed that I had met an angel. It is now my personal mission and the mission of all who work at Katie's Spa to have Katie's spirit live on through each of us.

Kim adams- owner

Pictured Above: Katie, the inspiration for Katie's Spa.

Pictured Above: Katie, the inspiration for Katie's Spa.