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       For Radiation Therapy:                                                                                  Small - $22    Large - $45  

       Begin applying once a day for several days prior to the start of radiation therapy.

       Apply sparingly.  A thick coat is not necessary.

       Upon start of radiation, apply at least twice a day – once at bedtime for optimal results, and once again immediately following treatment.  If the skin becomes pink, hot, irritated, itchy or sensitive, re-apply the cream as often as relief is needed. Note that skin should be free of any cream or ointment at the time of radiation.

       For breast cancer treatment, pay special attention to the crease under the breast.  The underarm area may also be affected where the cream should be applied if needed.  Ask the nurse about an exit site if there is one, where the cream should also be applied.

       Continue use at least once a day after completion of radiation to finish product.     

IBrian josephs products

 Shampoo Formula - 1 8oz.  A non-medicated, deep cleansing shampoo that rinses clean leaving no coatings. Replenishes moisture removed from the scalp due to chemotherapy or some prescription drugs. Helps reduce skin sensitivity while wearing a wig. Because the hair follicles are not clogged by coatings, returning hair is helped to come in more evenly. Relieves dryness and the resulting itchy scalp.  - $15


  Brian Joseph's Lash & Brow Conditioning Gel was developed by a medical professional and is ophthalmologist tested. The botanical and peptide based formula is non-irritating to eyes and will not irritate sensitive skin. Our natural reconstructive components may help maintain lashes and brows during chemotherapy.

Gel is applied to the base of the upper lashes and across each brow once daily. For best results begin use before your first treatment and continue for 60 days after treatment program is completed.  Strengthens and nourishes lashes and brows.  - $49.95 


  Brian Joseph's Moisture Drops  is formulated from imported botanicals. It is an intense moisturizer for the skin based on a light solution that penetrates to the second layer of skin. Does not evaporate from the skin surface as most moisturizers. Made from long chained saturated triglycerides mixed with fatty acid esters. Relieves the discomfort of radiation burn, sun burn and other minor skin burns, dry skin on the face and body, and helps remove fine lines around mouth and eyes. Available in 1oz.(30ml) bottles. This product is highly concentrated so a little goes a long way.  - $29.95                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

                                                                                                                                                                                                              Brian Joseph's Hand & Body Lotion is a soothing hydrating lotion formulated to penetrate to the secound layer of the skin. Relieves dryness and irritation brought on by such things as sun damage,chemotherapy, and radiation treatments.

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      Brandywine Non-Static Shampoo. - $10  Cleans, conditions, removes hair spray and lacquer from Synthetic fiber wigs and hairpieces.                                                                  


     BrandywineRevitalizing Conditioner. - $10 formulated with an enriched blend of ingredients. Revitalizes dull hair leaving it softer, shinier and easy to manage.                             


     Brandywine Wig Spray. - $10 Brandywine Spray is for wig beauty. It is made for use on wigs and hairpieces. It holds wig styles firmly and beautifully and It keeps the hair easy to manage and comb.