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Feet are soaked in lavender water. Nails are cut and filed,cuticles removed.Nails are then softly buffed with cuticle oil. Feet will get gentle foot masage followed by your choice of OPI polish.  $40 1 Hr.                   
This process creates healthy and beautiful looking feet. Starting with soaking your feet in a whirlpool tub infused with eucalyptus, nails and cuticles will be trimmed. Oceanic and other natural extracts applied along with exfoliating crystals makes calluses and excess skin easily removed. A marine mask and warm towel are then applied to heighten the effects. A massage using massage silk will then be applied up to the back of you calf. Cucumber heal therapy goes on as well. Finished off by a hot therapeutic paraffin dip and your choice of OPI polish. 
$50  1 1/2 Hrs.                 

Filing and cutting of the nails followed by cuticle soaking and removal. Soar oil is then applied and the nails are lightly buffed, followed by a gentle hand massage. Finished with an OPI color of you choice.

$20    1/2 Hr.                  
Luxury spa manicure includes special attention to nail and cutucle area followed by exfoliating crystals. A soothing mask is then applied followed by warm towels. Nails will be lightly buffed with solar oil, followed by a gentle hand massage. Spa manicure is then topped off with hot moisturizing paraffin dip. Finished off by an OPI polish of your choice. $30  1 Hr.                  
       **** Upgrade any polish to Gel for an additional $5.00 ***                      



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