Hope Lives





Hope Lives – Restoring Hope in others who have had a battle fought in their body.

As a 26 year cancer survivor, I have been sold out to God since 1971. I’m also a Healer who believes in the Power of God through the use of my hands and continuous prayer. I want to help you find freedom in the areas of your life where you have pain. As a Medical Massage Therapist since 2007 I have worked on many struggling bodies. When God created us He placed every cell within us personally and with great joy.

Many find freedom in my massage room. I tend to work on the people who need relief from their pain and cannot find help elsewhere. I have worked on people with depression, headaches, chronic neck pain and foot pain just to name a few. Also,

Chemotherapy and Radiation are 2 battles that happen in the body that do not naturally leave the body and there are some natural ways to detox them. My goal is to empower you so you can make changes to live a healthier, peaceful life during cancer treatment and after.  

Our bodies were created with a unique rhythm and beat, everything working together for our good.

When one part of our body isn’t functioning to the best of its ability, other parts are affected.

The Lymphatic System works its best with muscle movement. Physical activity helps our body empty itself of natural waste like dead cells, bone fragments, viruses, as well as, substances foreign to us like processed foods and chemicals. Symptoms that may occur when our Lymphatic System is not flowing properly:

                                    Fatigue                       Congestion                 Mobility                     Endurance                  Feeling Thick

                                    Cloudy Thinking        Tired Vision               Muscle Ache               Heaviness                   Pain   

As I work on people with various issues in their body, I have noticed that the Lymphatic System’s health is crucial to feeling better. Also, as a Cancer Survivor since 1989, I lived with all of these symptoms. NOT ANY MORE. Let me give you natural options that you can do to change your life.     

Your first appointment consists of a 1 hour educational treatment which includes:

  • a Lymphatic Wellness Massage – geared to your specific capability,
  • Counseling for your physical, emotional and spiritual needs Training and use of a ball for lymphatic flow.