Katie's Spa facials feature award-winning all-natural skincare products as well as Lindi Skin products
developed specifically to ease the burden of common side effects experienced by those in treatment for
cancer and related disorders.

Essential Deep-Pore Cleansing Facial
Deep pore cleansing with exfoliating massage, steam and mask for your skin's own needs, resulting in a beautiful glow.  One hour.



Oxygenation Facial
Spurs cellular respiration to restore, revitalize and brighten skin with immediate results.  One hour.


Skin Treatment for Men
Treatment has rejuvenating, calming effects for a man's specific skincare concerns.  Massage and acupressure to face, neck and shoulder areas helps restore tone. One hour.



Acne Clearing Treatment
Skin will feel clean, calm and restored.  A concentrated, purifyng mask soothes and heals.  Great for sensitive skin problems such as acne, rosacea, and skin exposed to the effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatments.  One hour.



Distress Facial with Eye Treatment
Acupressure and facial massage increase circulation, drain and cleanse.  100% marine collagen smoothes wrinkles, restores elasticity, decreases puffiness and renews eye contour.  One hour.




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